Alkhas Joseph

A short excerpt into my life’s journey 

I don’t belong to any fitness club or have any guru but I started training from the age of 16 and since then it became my passion. I started training in an old school fashion by reading fitness books and magazines, I was my first student, Self-taught, tried and tested everything on myself. from losing weight to gaining weight. Gaining muscle to getting ripped. Weight training to yoga. Medication(pills) to Meditation, from meat eater to vegetarian. Supplements to steroids. Alcohol to smoke leaving no stone unturned.

As I got more into fitness, I realized fitness is a not a goal but a journey, it should be a part of your lifestyle. As a fitness enthusiast, I want to share my knowledge and experience and help people achieve fitness lifestyle and get back in shape. You can expect tailored programs according to your need and predesigned programs that fit various people at different level of fitness.