Muscle Power Program

INR 7.500 for 4 weeks

  • 4 weeks/1 phase
  • Advanced
  • No Meal Plan included
  • Workouts: 4 Days/Week
  • additional Cardio+Mobility: 2 Days/Week
  • Available as Home Workout with minimum equipment or as Gym Workout

This program is designed for advanced, whose goal it is, to gain muscle mass.

This is for people who have already lost weight and want to sculpt and tone their body for a more muscular physique. The emphasis lies on weight and strength training and less on cardiovascular activities.


Gym mat, chair or a stool for elevation, backpack or a bag (filled with books, water bottle or grain packs) and minimum two pairs of dumbbell (one heavy one light weight, e.g. 7.5kg and 4.0kg or 5.0kg and 3.0kg)


Phase 3 of Muscle Gain program – Advanced Specialization. In these 4 weeks we put a special focus on single body parts which often are overlooked in weight training workouts and still train the whole body for an overall muscle pump.