HIIT Program

INR 15.000 for 3 months

  • 12 weeks/3 phases
  • Intermediate and Advanced
  • No Meal Plan included
  • Workouts: 4 Days/Week
  • additional Cardio+Mobility: 2 Days/Week
  • Available as Home workout with minimum equipment or as Gym Workout
  • Price: 15.000 INR for 12 weeks

This program is designed for intermediate and advanced, whose goal it is, to lose fat, gain stamina and get stronger. Workouts based on high intensity interval training are very efficient, help to burn fat and are a good way  to a healthy heart. These challenging but fun workouts are a quick way to see results.

Requirements for Home workout:

Gym mat, chair or a stool for elevation, bath towel, backpack or a bag (filled with books, water bottle or grain packs) and minimum two pairs of dumbbell (one heavy one light weight, e.g. 7.5kg and 4.0kg or 5.0kg and 3.0kg)

Requirements for gym workouts: fully equipped gym, with cardio and strength machines. 


Phase 1: Intermediate HIIT. The first 4 weeks are a good mix of cardio and weight training with a high intensity. Every day is a different workout. Some days are body part duos and some are total body workouts.

Phase 2: Advanced HIIT. In the second phase we increase the intensity of both cardio and weight training and add more advanced exercises to the workouts. 

Phase 3: PhD in HIIT. This last 4 weeks contain very advanced workouts. A mixture of total body workouts, single bodypart days and movement oriented days for lot of variety, fun and maximum efficiency.