Weight Loss Program

INR 15.000 for 3 months

  • 12 weeks/3 phases
  • Beginner and Intermediate
  • Meal Plan included
  • Workouts: 3 Days/Week
  • additional Cardio+Mobility: 3 Days/Week
  • Available as Home Workout with minimum equipment
  • Price: 15.000 INR for 12 weeks

This program is designed for beginners and intermediate, whose goal it is, to lose weight. The emphasis lies in building up good stamina to burn maximum calories and also to be able to master the weight training part without getting out of breath. It is designed to build up muscle strength all over the body which helps to shape up the body and burn excess fat.

Requirements for Home Workout:
Gym mat, chair or a stool for elevation, bath towel, backpack or a bag (filled with books, water bottle or grain packs) and minimum two pairs of dumbbell (one heavy one light weight, e.g. 7.5kg and 4.0kg or 5.0kg and 3.0kg)

Meal Plan:
This program has a Meal Plan for Weight loss included. It has a mix of Continental and Indian Diet and gives you multiple options for different days.

Phase 1 – Beginner 3 Day Split: The first four weeks include a cardio-block at the beginning of the workout. Followed up by a weight-training-block 
The weight training block consists of a 3 day split 

Phase 2 – Intermediate 3 Day Split: In the weeks 5-8 we add an additional cardio-block after the workout and progess in the level of difficulty in the weight training part.

Phase 3 – Intermediate progression
The weeks 9-12 prepare you for an advanced workout type. The layout of these last 4 weeks will be a little different. The emphasis is still on a good amount of cardio but we are already working towards more muscle strength.